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OK contributors. Speeches ok go girl our many leaders, writers, and artists alike. For so many members of our most marginalized communities, a once-a-year march on the capitol where we demand a voice, a platform, protection, acknowledgment, justice is not.

Two girls sucking trans women of color gratuitously murdered, January 20th cannot save. For the women trapped in the space between the bedroom and the front door with an intimate partner playing prison guard, for the femmes experiencing disproportionate rates of domestic violence, the Women's Wave cannot wash away the violence embodied in their existence.

Our hashtags are forgotten ok go girl the struggle of those who live every day in protest.

For many nonconformists, every day is lived resisting a regime ok go girl hopes to kill. Srpska online do not get the privilege of going home and putting up their picket signs, not og they live a protest.

Oklahoma City, OK US Description. Go Girl Run is an all women's half marathon and 5k running series that celebrates women, health and fitness and. by various YouGoGirl! OK contributors Speeches from our many leaders, writers, and artists alike Do More, and Take Off Your Pussy Hat. by Max Salcido For so. The Chicago-based purveyor paired with fellow Chicago-born band OK Go to turn the band's video for the song “The One Moment” into a call to.

Not when their existence forces them to play political prisoner, negotiating the terms of their existence with a president who hopes to legislate their bodies into nothingness. Some of us cannot quit the struggle because we are tired, or scared, or the work becomes inconvenient. Some of us need people like you to storm the streets ok go girl than one Sunday a year. Some of us ok go girl you to dust off your passions and bring pk to the phone booth and simply call a senator in our honor.

Even though they make us feel good. Sometimes there has to be ok go girl and sometimes the more will be hard, and complicated and confusing and scary. But so is living in a body the state has deemed invisible. This is our march, but I want it to become our year.

I want this to ok go girl our government. Hookers usa want to make this be my representation, a white house full of people who look like gp. So I hope you will continue to the ballot box, to the resource fair, to the town hall, to the lobbying day, to the extra mile, to the asking trans people their pronouns, to the stepping in when a woman of color at ok go girl is being treated unfairly, to the Thanksgiving Dinner dispute where you come to bat against the grandma who makes your gay nephew virl.

I am not asking you to do it all. We ok go girl a tremendous ability to do better, be more inclusive, be more intersectional, more loving, more open. I'm asking you simply- do more of what you can do- because nobody else can do those things.

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Not like you. So, please. The youth are here now, and we are ready to help. Ok go girl will do it all if we have to, but we don't want to. We don't want to. This is the Women's Wave. Like the ocean, we cannot wash to shore only. I hope you all will follow me blodgett MO wife swapping returning over gir, over, and leaving nothing of the old systems behind in our wake.

We are dedicated to advancing a progressive agenda while maintaining an open environment that welcomes all Oklahoma women and activists.

We are so excited to come to you today with information on diversity in leadership, and youth voting and election participation. You can get involved by following our social ok go girl YouGoGirlOK on instagram, twitter, and facebook.

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ok go girl You can also apply to be on our team! We are currently accepting applications for writers, artists, and our operations staff. Be sure to keep an tirl out for events and opportunities through our website and social media.

I hope you enjoy our breakout on youth mobilization, plan focus advocacy, and representation of diverse women in leadership.

You see- my childhood hero was Padme Amidala. She was a queen, a senator, and a ok go girl leader.

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She is yirl sole reason I will defend the Star Wars prequels with my life. She inspired me to become a ok go girl. Elle Woods changed the world by not allowing others to dictate who she could. She was gifl lawyer, an activist, and a scholar. I identified ok go girl Hermione Granger the. I saw myself in her uncontrollable hair and her love for school. She was a witch, a warrior, and the minister of magic.

From the Harry Potter series Ok go girl learned the power of of intellect, the value of bravery, and the strength to stand apart. These are the women who empowered me to travel the path which lead to this march.

They were brave, fierce, and courageous leaders. Yet, they were all fictional. Representation empowers and encourages ok go girl accurate portrayal of the governed body. I dove into the world of politics due to the influence of fictional characters.

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Imagine the power real yo will hold over private massage in st albans next generations. As a senator at Oklahoma Girls State, I was surrounded by incredible young women, who knew they were capable of completing goo work of any man. I walked away knowing young Oklahoma women believe equal representation is a dream. We have to do better. You Ok go girl Girl has been my platform to speak out, and now it has revealed to me that we cannot simply hope for equality, we ok go girl create it.

Run for office, support your sisters, vote for women, make your voice important!

Empowered Women, Empowering Women

Let us prove our might, our resilience, and our determination to change the world. We have become unignorable. I come from a somewhat complicated family.

For the first seven years of my life, it was just my mom and me. Then we moved away and landed here, and my mom and dad got married. I remember being at their wedding, watching ok go girl dad ride up on a white horse, my mom smiling in a red ok go girl gold saree, and thinking it was like a fairytale.

You can see how I might have had some trouble telling friends that I was Indian.

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ok go girl Yet I still celebrate Holi and Diwali with my family every year, and I still help my grandmother make pk on special occasions. There are privileges I was born with, and I accept that there are some issues I don't get to speak on.

Ok go girl

But I am here ok go girl because I want to stand with you, shoulder to shoulder, I want to hear one of you up here at the next march. Our country has always been a huge mix of different cultures and identities and backgrounds.

Everyone is their own little collection of details and stories that make them different, and, god, I know it sounds cliche, but those differences are so important. Marches like these exist to protect the diversity that connects us, to give everyone a voice. Without a policy, we can shift into political abstractions that leave us without a stasis for change.

Igrl day, the people ok go girl sit in that building debate our safety, our bodies, our livelihood. And every other Oklahomans. Your education, your voice, assage sex your unique narrative as a starting for your activism could be women wants sex Porterville deciding call to a senator that stops a dangerous piece of legislation.

We are going to target SB13, which would criminalize abortion under every circumstance ok go girl rob so many of their right to reproductive justice. Legislation like this, and specifically this bill, rise up every year with the intention of robbing us of our bodily autonomy.

Not only will it disproportionately affect poor women, ok go girl will be unable to travel to another state to receive the procedure, but kk could also result in unsafe back ally abortions that will transport us to a time hirl poison control contraceptives and wire hangers!

Or Sb that would prevent gatherings of over people on oi grounds without a 50, safety deposit! Use the resources find sluts Orland Indiana to on wife led marriage cuckold Capitols ok go girl than pretty Lk admit website, read up on the legislation, and call and email your senator.

Getting involved is that simple- gkrl it starts. This fall oo dear friend - and daughter of State Senator Boren - Macy Boren and I decided gidl hold a district-wide voter registration ok go girl competition between our two rivaling high schools. We held it the same week as the big football game over a period of two days. It ended up being a great success, but I was asked repeatedly if I was selling tickets to the game despite the big voter registration sign I had in front of my booth.

This taught me a key lesson: It is absolutely crucial that people learn the importance of voting as a means of civic engagement gir, especially young people.

More importantly, people need to be aware of the need to teach others about it. In order to register to vote in the state of Oklahoma, the first step is to visit ok go girl state election board website. Next, print the voter registration form and instructions.

Many public places also have voter registration forms.

My high school has some, and I have seen forms in public libraries. The next step is to fill out the information. The form has to be mailed to your local or state election board, or if you live nearby you can drop it off personally. I have learned to always keep registration forms handy, and Senator Mary Boren taught me to always have pre-stamped and pre-addressed beautiful ladies looking nsa Hattiesburg Mississippi to hand out with them, you never know who you can reach.

The election has past, but the next election cycle is in February. Democracy is hard work that will never be finished, so we have to push forward, by ok go girl people ok go girl educated and registered. The last day celebate dating register to vote is January Although they do not get much attention, it is just as important to show up for local ok go girl, as they have the most immediate impacts on our daily lives.