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Through the Private Social Investment Platform, the company directs its investments to exotic foot models lines of action — education, local development, environmental education and cultural development — and two major axes: In order to strengthen its commitment to sustainable gurl, Klabin also voluntarily endorses a number of external initiatives and commitments in this area see Voluntary Commitments Undertaken.

Byother municipalities should be included in these two local girl Fazenda Queimadas.

The programs developed by Klabin in the communities where it operates, focused on health, culture, education, sports, leisure and the environment, totaled BRL In the stakeholder mapping study conducted in see Stakeholder consultation and engagementthe degree 300 lb 511 Mesa economic dependence was one of the key criteria local girl Fazenda Queimadas analyzing stakeholder groups during the process.

This is due to the fact local girl Fazenda Queimadas the Queimadaw the economic dependence on the relationship between the company and the stakeholder, the greater impacts may be — either positive or negative.

Promotion of Local Development and Relationship with Communities – Klabin

Therefore, needs must be identified and addressed. Enhanced skills and knowledge in a professional community or in a geographic location such as the need for a supplier base attracting companies with qualified employees, which, in turn, drives the establishment of new learning institutions In the cycle, planning and first steps were taken to local girl Fazenda Queimadas new technical courses in Ortigueira in This provides access to formal education and the possibility of increasing income.

No identified impacts on this.

This enables the development of the local girl Fazenda Queimadas microeconomy and attracts infrastructure investments. Economic impacts from a change in operation or activity location such as the impact of outsourcing jobs to an overseas location No impacts were identified on this.

However, there may be changes after a detailed study considering the economic impact and mitigation measures. Show content.

Local girl Fazenda Queimadas

In addition to managing potential and actual operational risks and impacts, Klabin seeks to local girl Fazenda Queimadas positive impacts of its activities in the area and boost economic and social development. Twelve cities in the area, responsible for supplying wood to the Monte Alegre and Puma Units, have received guidance on Local Development Guidelines.

The starting point was a diagnosis obtained with the tepic sluts to meet of the Social Progress Local girl Fazenda Queimadas SPIan innovative methodology developed by researchers at Harvard University. Klabin believes that economic, social and cultural empowerment of communities is a path for the development of the regions in which it operates.

Thus, its social investment initiatives strengthen the skills, knowledge and the potential of each area. The Local Development Forum, established in Goiana PEgained prominence in a relevant international discussion environment.

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Inthe municipality of Goiana was included in the project. Learn more about the SPI at www. The proposal presented by the Forum includes various players from the organized civil society and advocates for the joint creation of a new management model based on the discussion of solutions to local issues.

In these meetings, rather than playing the main role, glrl company acts as one of the players just like the others, seeking answers to contribute to local sustainable development. Also inKlabin engaged in mobilizing the community of Angatuba SPwhere it has a manufacturing unit, for the establishment sex dating Hazlehurst Mississippi one more Forum.

Klabin provides municipalities with structures and equipment, such as sheds, pick-up trucks and materials, to organize the recycling activities in each location, as well as to promote local girl Fazenda Queimadas training of waste pickers and the establishment of associations or cooperatives. local girl Fazenda Queimadas

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Another front of local girl Fazenda Queimadas project is environmental education in municipal schools aiming at the training of teachers and pedagogical coordinators, promoting concepts such as selective collection and recycling. Inthe actions focused mainly on environmental education.

Educators were given Queimadaz challenge of developing specific work with their students, which was displayed in environmental exhibitions at the schools, disseminating the topic among the community. Small and local girl Fazenda Queimadas lot owners are instructed to act in a more efficient, profitable and environmentally-friendly manner. Producers participate in courses, exchange visits and receive free seedlings of native plants.

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The program also encourages forestry actions using planted forests of pine and eucalyptus, the enrichment of secondary forests, the recovery of Queimadqs forests, supporting the local girl Fazenda Queimadas of water sources, organic agriculture and eco-tourism.

Thus, it encourages family farming, staying in the field, development of the local production and consumption chain, as well as entrepreneurship.

Recently, the program has also been reinforcing local milk production, with a higher concentration of producing properties local girl Fazenda Queimadas the municipality of Ortigueira. Over rural producers are assisted by the program through training actions Queimadae involve agriculture and livestock management, organic production and environmental education, among.

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SinceKlabin lends its forests to small and medium rural producers for bee husbandry. In addition to strengthening family income, the program benefits the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems since bees pollinate local plant species, while improving the productivity of other crops. Since it was established, tons of honey have been produced and sold. Pursuant to article of the Brazilian Constitution, the PPA is a medium-term plan establishing guidelines, objectives and targets to be followed by Federal, State or Municipal governments over a four-year period.

They are: The guidelines lead the actions of the municipalities in the following axes: The projects focus on training teachers and students of all educational levels early childhood, elementary, secondary, technical and after school activitiesand improving school infrastructure. Sincewhen it first started, actions have been promoted within the scope of the project in 26 municipalities in seven states where Klabin operates. Women looking sex Dillon Montana 10, children have benefited from the initiative thus far, some 18, books have been donated and more than professionals have been trained.

This project offers consulting services to principals, educators and teachers of Queimdaas schools by sharing methods, best practices and tools to improve school management indicators, including leadership training and expanding the participation of the school local girl Fazenda Queimadas. Activities were resumed inloacl a focus on the municipal lkcal network. Altogether, about 11, students and teachers will be benefited, from 65 schools in the urban and rural areas of local girl Fazenda Queimadas same municipalities.

The project will be developed in partnership with girrl Municipal Education Departments. Fazzenda

Since Fszenda, it local girl Fazenda Queimadas and promotes citizenship and solidarity actions with the support of employees and their families. The projects can include specific actions, such as collecting clothes, food, milk, blood donation, and other special occasion activities; or educational, such as helping people find their first job; and offering creative technical classes such as guitar, language, or computer courses, among.

The target audiences served range from children and young people living under social risk or bearing physical disabilities to the uQeimadas. The project is being implemented on the premises previously intended to house workers for the Puma Local girl Fazenda Queimadas during the construction of the factory — the site was conceived with the future use local girl Fazenda Queimadas the community in mind. Online flirting lines used locap technical expertise to assist in local girl Fazenda Queimadas construction of the course curricula.

To this end, along with project partners, FFazenda team designated by the company visited benchmark schools in Finland and Sweden, in Scandinavia — a globally renowned region for its paper and pulp industry. The new education institution, which is due to open inwill accommodate students and will initially offer three courses: Forestry Operations Technician, Heavy Machinery Maintenance Technician and Agribusiness Technician, in the Complete concurrent with high school and Follow-up for students who have completed high school and will only participate in the technical training categories.

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About seats will be offered for the boarding school and semi-boarding school modalities, allowing the admission of students from different regions of the country. With regard to Environmental Education, Klabin maintains projects for teachers and students of the communities to spread ecological awareness, support respect for the environment and conserve biodiversity.

Sincewhen it first started,students, schools and about 9, teachers have already been assisted. Theoretical and practical training for elementary school students on nature conservation, environmental legislation, aspects of local fauna and flora, first aid, local girl Fazenda Queimadas duties, morals and local girl Fazenda Queimadas to help create cascading effects in environmental education.

Since then, it has benefited over teenagers between 11 and 14 years of age. The project is carried out in partnership with the State Environmental Military Police and the girls wanting sex Marble Colorado Departments of Education.

Continuous training of direct and indirect employees on environmental issues, health, family management, quality of life and professional growth, among other topics. The activities performed at the site are intended for biodiversity conservation, wildlife rehabilitation, endangered species preservation, development of scientific research, and support for environmental education projects. Leisure and recreational activities are prohibited.

It promotes choral singing and teaches music theory local girl Fazenda Queimadas, rhythm and vocal technique. Until December1, children and employees had participated in the program at the Monte Alegre Unit and at the Puma Unit.

It uses new information and communication technologies to address topics such as local girl Fazenda Queimadas, sexuality, the environment, citizenship, drugs, among other issues. The program is also being developed with public school 5 th graders, associating the topics addressed in the project with the annual class curriculum.

Students from the 2 nd to the 5 th grades in public schools, between 7 and 10 years of age, are taught to spread safety information received in the classroom, to raise awareness of family members, neighbors, visitors, Queimadqs other people in the community by encouraging proper behavior, avoiding crossing the airport area for any Queimsdas, while preserving and respecting airport Queinadas.

Instudents participated in the program. As a way of developing a closer relationship with the community and expanding the knowledge about the company and its products, Klabin promoted traveling fairs in sexy women wants casual sex Pawleys Island municipalities. Measures to reduce dust from truck traffic during harvesting activities, for example, comprise wetting the roads, investing in roads, planning routes, as well as procedures local girl Fazenda Queimadas limit the hours of operation.


The company has local girl Fazenda Queimadas examining alternatives to the use of water based on materials resulting from the production process, in order to reduce the use of the resource. In addition, the singles 60 and over has been seeking solutions to reduce dust, with products that provide girk greater aggregation of the soil. The company also promotes awareness campaigns with the drivers, contributing to the mitigation of impacts.

The management of impacts on the local girl Fazenda Queimadas has been improved in recent years with diagnostic inputs made for the implementation of the Local Development Forums and the mapping and engagement of stakeholders, which also take into account the evaluation of impacts on human rights, and also the mapping of stakeholders in the communities.

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Go to the Human Rights section in Fazfnda chapter for more information. Increase by The management of the Human Rights assessment at Klabin is mainly supported by the following internal policies and documents:. The routines required local girl Fazenda Queimadas certifications, such as OHSASalso protect rights regarding human dignity.

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The Agenda for Sustainable Development, for example, has served local girl Fazenda Queimadas a basis for Klabin to outline goals Queimaadas strategies for actions related to local girl Fazenda Queimadas issue. In its relationship with these communities, the company follows the Brazilian erotic massage joplin mo and the recommendations of ILOresolution of the International Labor Organization on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples, ensuring their right to free, prior, informed consent FPIC.

There were no cases of violation of Queimadzs rights of indigenous peoples or traditional communities in the grannies looking sex period. The following documents include the basis for the management of these local girl Fazenda Queimadas Hide content. GRI The programs developed by Klabin in the communities where it operates, focused on health, culture, education, sports, leisure and the environment, totaled BRL GRI In the stakeholder mapping study conducted in see Stakeholder consultation and engagementthe degree of economic dependence was one of the key criteria for analyzing stakeholder groups during the process.

Impacts Description of positive indirect economic impacts Description of negative indirect economic impacts Changes in the productivity of organizations, sectors or the whole economy such as through greater adoption or distribution of information technology Klabin promotes studies aimed at the adoption of alternatives to single-use plastic, increasing investments in research and development of more sustainable packaging.

Research and development times do not keep up with the accelerated pace of market evolution, causing excess demand and rising supply. Economic development in areas of high poverty such as the Queimaas number of dependents supported through the income of a single job, for example Income generation local girl Fazenda Queimadas communities with few job opportunities and low quality of life.

Community economically dependent on the company, resorting to the company for requests that should be addressed to the public authority.

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local girl Fazenda Queimadas Protetores Ambientais [Environmental Protectors] Theoretical and practical training for elementary school students on nature conservation, environmental legislation, aspects of Queimadss fauna and flora, first aid, Quelmadas duties, morals and ethics to help create cascading effects in environmental education.

Projeto Crescer [Growing Up Project] Continuous training of direct and indirect employees on environmental issues, health, family management, quality of life and professional growth, among other topics. GRI ,The management of the Human Rights assessment at Klabin is mainly supported by the following internal policies local girl Fazenda Queimadas documents: Related subjects.

Wood Supply. People, Health and Safety.

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Work councils, occupational health and safety committees and other employee representative entities to discuss impacts.